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About me

A full-time researcher, PhD candidate, teacher assistant, mentor, and freelancer in Computer science and artificial intelligence. I have more than six years of experience working daily with Python for academic, professional, and personal purposes. I am Developing generic Machine learning algorithms, statistical analysis, developing mathematical models.


A full-time researcher and teacher assistant and part-time teacher and mentor.

  • Teaching full-time Java course.
  • Teaching part-time Data science and analysis of machine learning algorithms.
  • Researching and designing Deep Networks, Gradient Boosting Machines, and Bayesian Networks.

A part-time freelancer.

  • A top-talented freelancer in the most famous platform (UpWork) .


The list of publications is stored here.


I am developing a new approach to training deep Neural networks. And at the same time, working on the Bayesian Network.

If you are interested in my developed algorithms, please refer here


Python, R, and Java, Design and modify statistical models, Create and adjust Machine Learning models, and Statistical Analysis and tests.

Academic backgrounds


Researcher and University Teacher Assistant

Universidad Autónoma de Madrid - UAM

08 / 2020 - until present

  • Run developed models with specific datasets and settings on a cluster server.
  • Create a novel training procedure for the shallow-neural network.
  • Formulate a new algorithm in the Gradient Boosting Machine Area.
  • Create, develop, and formulate generic machine learning models.
  • Design a novel Deep Neural Network for image processing.
  • Teach Java laboratory courses.

Data science and ML mentor/teacher

mentor clases particulares - mentorclases

11 / 2022 - until present

  • Data science and basic statistics.
  • Advanced Statistics
  • Writing and analyzing machine learning models

Professional experience

Supervisor of Statistics and Production Planning

Food and Beverage Production - solico-group

12 / 2015 - 12 / 2019

  • Production planning.
  • Analysis of sales and production data.
  • Develop MM and PP modules in SAP-ERP.
  • Developing a decision tree for material planning.
  • Apply Machine learning in maintenance planning.
  • Adjust production capacity based on sales forecast.

Programming skills

  • LaTeX and Markdown
  • Python
  • Cython
  • Linux
  • Java
  • Bash
  • HTML
  • SQL
  • R

Computer skills

  • Microsoft office (word, excel, PPT, Access, Outlook)
  • SAP-ERP (Supply chain modules, MM – PP)
  • IBM SPSS stochastic
  • IBM SPSS modeler
  • PowerPivot
  • Tableau

Licenses & certifications

Download the list of my certificates here


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